App Review: The Best Cryptocurrency App For Beginners?

In today’s review I explain 5 reasons why the app is one of the best cryptocurrency apps for everyday …


  1. The app has been broken for 2 weeks. Customer support takes about 8-10 days to respond to ANY issues, and their app won't allow you to sell out during any sort of high volume. So good luck making any gains. I couldn't sell out of dogecoin for hours until I lost 40%. Same thing happened when shib was up. I lost alot of money because of their faulty app and they refuse to compensate me. Worst app and Customer service I've ever come across. Please DO NOT use these guys.

  2. Nice complete review!

    FYI you also receive 10% interest on the stake for Indigo card, paid weekly. It's an important perk.

    12% on Icy white +.

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