Crypto Bull Market Starting? 📈 Bitcoin Price Action! 🚀 (How to Prepare & Secure Crypto Investments!)

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    Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, here 👋 and I'm on a mission to improve people’s lives through #crypto education. In this important video we explore ways we can be prepared for the next potentially life-changing crypto bull cycle. Let’s hit it…

    CHAPTERS 💬 (Watch to the end!)

    00:00 – Important BTC Price Points
    02:40 – Be Mindful of Sell Pressure in Alts
    03:30 – # 1 Lesson in Crypto Bull Cycles
    05:25 – How to Be Prepared for Bull Cycle
    08:25 – Use Multiple Exchanges
    09:18 – Use Multiple Wallets
    10:35 – Use VPN & Watch Out for Scams
    12:40 – How to Protect Investments from Hackers
    14:00 – Design Custom Security System
    14:35 – Diversify Portfolio


    ⭐ 💳 Tangem ►
    Easiest hardware wallet, size of a bank card!!
    ⚡💰 Get 5% off!! Promo Code: CRYPTOCASEY5

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    ❤ Be safe out there.
    —Crypto Casey

  2. your right i even ran into 1 of your clones on X that tried to scam me but i busted em with some questions they didnt even no your favorite car comp lol noobs if your going to imposter some 1 u should at least do a background check🖖🤓i new it wasn't u from the start but i wanted to waist their time on me i think& i made them mad because i had to block em like 6+ times now lol reetrolled🤣

  3. Not true, from technical analysis BTC is about a week away from the peak right before the Covid crash. In other words, it goes up until November then heavy drop in December.

  4. Recently bought some recommended assets. They seem to be more negative portfolios this 3rd half of 2023 with markets tumbling, soaring inflation, and banks going out of business. My concern is how can the rapid interest-rate hike be of favor to a value investor, or is it better avoiding the market for a while?

  5. I hope you are diversified in precious metals, cash, stocks and real estate while you're experimenting with crypto. Maybe you know something I don't I'm only 65 and financially independent and own no crypto so far.

  6. Hello Casey. Thank you for the fantastic info you share about crypto. It's all top notch.

    I'd like to share a nice Tangem story with you, and others should you choose to share. I ordered three Tangem wallets. They arrived today, but the security strips on the the Tangem box had been broken prior to delivery. Worried the wallets could be compromised, I got on the Tangem web site and chatted with a representative. The rep told me my wallets are completely safe to use, despite the compromised security seals on the box. Rep also shared information about how the Tangem app can verify the wallets are genuine and have not been compromised.

    I replied, thanking the rep for the explanation and clarification. Then I expressed I still felt uneasy about using the wallets from the compromised box. I asked if there was a way to replace the wallets that were delivered with new wallets in an uncompromised box. Tangem's response was immediate – they offered to send replacement wallets in an uncompromised box, or refund the money I spent on my order. My replacement wallets are on the way, already!

    I could not be more please with this level of customer service. Thank you for recommending Tangem.

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