Crypto Arbitrage Explained for Dummies! (Should you try arbitrage?)

Cryptocurrency arbitrage is a unique trading strategy in the crypto world. There are many types of arbitrage, but on a high level, …


  1. you can also do arbitrage from a real world mortgage at 2% in Europe for a 10% APY yield on stable coin on CeFi. You simply do *5 APY at extremely limited risks.

  2. Let's say (just for an example). 1 BTC in binance is $1000 and in kraken 1 btc value is $1300. So I have to buy/convert 1000 USDT in binance, convert it to 1 BTC, and at the same time I got to buy/convert 1300 USDT in kraken, convert it to 1 BTC. IS it correct?

  3. Bitcoin closes 2020 as best performing asset of the last decade,I didn't know how valuable what I had in my wallet was until I ran into luck meeting Jason McCallister of Crypto Tribes Men because of how much his trade strataegy and da!ly s!gnals have been of benefit to me, having grown my portfol!o from what I had to what I have right now in four weeks.However, i would still advice people to buy at this price and also trade with the little you hold so as to build as very strong portfolio ahead of the New Year market.

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