Crypto 2030 | Top 7 Coins for Long Term 2030 | $100000 Profit Target | BEST Cryptocurrencies 2030

Top 7 Long term crypto coins 2030 – Best cryptocurrencies 2030 – Best crypto coins for $100000 profit Target from cryptocurrency …


  1. Very well Explained!!! I would love to watch videos if you consider 5irechain project videos
    You missing high potential project which is 5irechain, can you please take a look and make a video on it.
    I would feel more happy to watch videos of your channel, if you make videos on 5irechain project

  2. Sir
    Apne Jo 7 coin ka naam botaya Hain..
    In 7 coin main..
    Kitna amount invest korna podega??
    Separately coin wise(7 no)
    Anxiously waiting for your kind reply
    with warm regards πŸ™

  3. Nice video and information.. but iam confused you said we need to have atleast certain quantity of the coins.. like 1000 ADA, 50 Dot, 4 ETH, etc.. suppose one buy atleast 7 different coins.. is it necessary to buy all the coins in maximum quantity as mentioned ? It will cost the investor a lot of money
    If one choose to keep 1 coin say Cardano – 1000 or 4 ETH , is it still enough to make that 1 lakh dollars??

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