CRAZY Profitable 1 Minute Scalping Strategy for Crypto, Forex (1min – 3min – 5min)

In this video I cover the only scalping strategy you will ever need using these 2 Tradingview indicators. This is by far the best and …


  1. awesome vid matt & rob! im loving learning. one question – and it may be a stupid question but bear with me please lol, when you say 'price closing within the ribbon' what exactly does that mean? do you mean the buy/sell signal candle must close within its respective colour of the ribbon? (like buy in blue ribbon and sell in red?) , cos if thats the case, the sensitivity will determine the lag of the signal. like if i have it on 1.5 the buy comes sooner compared to 2 so the colour ribbon may not match up to the signal

  2. For anyone reading this, stop focusing on the little things. The VMC settings don't matter! All I did was get rid of some things and change the colors. Just get out there and start trading!!!

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