Connect Coinbase Wallet to Coinbase Exchange + Transfer Crypto! (2021 Tutorial)

In this tutorial, we walk-through how to connect Coinbase Wallet to the Coinbase App and fund your wallet by transferring crypto.


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  4. hi , wonder if someone can help why cant see my money on coinbase account even though i can see it in the coinbase wallet so there for i am not able to Eth or nft or to do anything with the money .. your help would appriciated

  5. I transferred some money in to the wallet from coinbase for free not knowing the gass fees were too high to use it. now it won't let me transfer back from my wallet to coinbase without a fee. but under the fees "?" it says these fees apply to all transactions that are not paid to coinbase. what am I doing wrong???
    Its even giving me another fee when i try to send eth from coinbase to the wallet.

  6. Choosing coin and pushing the “max” button brings up a buy signal for maximum amount my debit card. It doesn’t seem to want to allow me to transfer what I have in my Coinbase account, but rather goes directly to maximum amount Of the crypto to buy. Help.

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  8. well when I do as you say I a screen comes up and says “Add payment method” and coinbase is shaded out. I have $527.09 in Coinbase so why will it not transfer?

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