Complete Ichimoku Strategy Explained with 150 Examples. Cloud, Kinko Hyo, Kijun Sen, Tenkan Sen

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  1. Great job explaining what looks like a complex indicator. Best tutorial I have seen in years. And you're not even selling anything! I subscribed and am looking forward to the next one. Thanks.

  2. Great content Kevin❤. Can we apply this on indices and stocks using one hour timeframe? Also when unsing one hour timeframe for analysis do we need to check all the parameters should be satisfies both on daily timeframe and hourly? Please advise 🙏

  3. This is the BEST “how-to” video I’ve seen in a long time (perhaps ever) !! By the end of the video I was able to quickly see the “go-no go” scenario without pausing the video at all. THANK YOU !!!!
    Great job !!!

  4. A whole playlist with Ichimoku!! great explanation! and useful insights!! I just re-discovered the I.C. – great way to trade without too much FOMO – hardly any! This playlist comes so very much in handy!! THANKS!!

  5. Do you have a video that shows the trade you would place. Your charts are like 4 hr. So then you place a trade and go long for 4 hrs? I’m option trading 1 month charts showing 1 d. I place a trade a month out, my trade meets the criteria but then obvs it changes and one or more criteria are broken. How do we handle this?

  6. Just to let you know, Ichimoku does not use moving averages at all, it uses a median calculation for the lines or Han-ne (half price in Japanese, see calculation below). Also, you should not change the indicator parameters at all. They are incredibly special numbers that the founder researched, much like Fibonacci ratios.

    Tenkan-sen = (highest price for the past 9 days + lowest price for the last 9 days) / 2
    Kijun-sen = (highest price for the past 26 days + lowest price for the last 26 days) / 2
    Chiko span = shift the closing price of the current candle and plot it 26 candle periods back
    Senko Span A = (Tenkun-sen + Kijun-Sen) / 2 and plot it 26 candles periods forward from the current candle
    Senko Span B = (highest price for the past 52 days + lowest price for the last 52 days) / 2 and plot it 26 candles periods forward from the current candle

  7. I use a different set of criteria on a 1hr chart that works for me. This is fine for higher time frames, but getting in when the cloud changes color, price has broken through the cloud, the ma’s have crossed, and the lagging span has met would be the best. That way you’re right there for the start of a break out. Just hopping in mid trend and seeing criteria met is a little iffy for more. I’d like to wait for one of the criteria to reset indicating a pullback and continuation

  8. I have been doing great of the past few days "day trading" the SPX. For the first time in many years I feel more confident in entering trades because I have a set of rules to follow. Key to my success is trying to enter early on the cross because using the stop on the slower indicator that is close to entry provides me with very tight stops. I watch the link several times a day to keep training my mind to see entries and exist. Thank you, again.

  9. I day trade using 1 and 5 min. Your lessons are the best I have ever view on the internet! When trading on the bottom of a 1 min off the bottom can you comment about moving through the red cloud on the 5 min from a "by the book entry off the 1 min"??

  10. Not many brokers offer Ichimoku screeners on their platform. Does anyone know a good free stock and/ or ETF Ichimoku screener to find long and short opportunities?

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