Coinbase Pro Tutorial – Trade Cryptocurrency on Coinbase Pro

Coinbase Pro tutorial – how to trade cryptocurrency on Coinbase Pro, how enter limit orders, market order, stop loss order, how to deposit to Coinbase Pro and …


  1. I am confused…if I made purchases at different times on a crypt as I do on C. Pro how to know my average price on that cripto to sell in gain and not in loss of that crypto in my wallet?

  2. Crypto currency investment has been the highest currency for trading , I have been trading yet am still having looses. Please can someone recommend a good broker for me, I really need an assistance.

  3. Hello, I'm new to online investment and i have been making huge losses but I recently see a lot of people earning from it. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong

  4. I want to make sure Coinbase Pro does not confuse entering a sell limit order as a "short sale" somehow. Idea is to enter an order which will sell specific portion of existing asset at, or better than specific price, if price rises to that point — in order to take profits. Guessing maybe I'd have to have some special account to be able to enter short sales, it seems margin account may have a direct relationship with that… If anybody can share some clarity.

  5. Apparantly us Canadians, or at least in Ontario, do not get any options when trying to set up a payment method… Unless of course I'm missing something?

  6. I have tried to do what you just showed many times and the order will mot execute. I go to BUY and put the limit amount I want to pay for the Bitcoin and put the amount to sell if price goes down at the STOP tab and it doesn’t work. I have put the limit price even higher than the current price to test it and it will not buy it. It says that it will buy the bit coin once it reaches the STOP price. Im so confused…

  7. I just don’t understand why in the depth chart the red/sellers portion is always way bigger than the green/buyers portion when the prices are spiking upwards. Wouldn’t it be the opposite?

  8. Good video, thanx – you are the only one that explained how to use a 'buy' stop loss order to set the buy price and the sell price in one order so you don't lose a lot of money if you day trade

  9. Hi is there any chance of just doing a quick easy to understand vid on adding uk pounds to Coinbase Pro then converting them to BTC and then transferring BTC to Exodus wallet? That would be ace. Thanks so much.

  10. Great tips. Just moved over from binance. After recent developments.
    I'm noticing that if I put limit order in and way lower than price. With GBP but higher than $10k. The fee suggested is still 5%? Weird? Not the 0.35 it states for orders over $10k

  11. Stick to the steps for trading. You deviate too much. Too many filler comments. If you're going to share the steps to do something specifically, like TRADE, just do that! You talk too much.

  12. I don't think your description of the "stop" piece of the stop limit order is correct – the "stop" is the price at which the subsequent limit order is officially entered into the market.

  13. why does it say insufficient funds or I get an error notice when I try to place a limit buy order . the back account is linked and I bought once before using a limit buy order . this shit is really pissing me off . I just opened the coin base account about 3 or 4 days ago

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