Clients Say, "How much is it?" And You Say, "…"

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  1. If I'm asking for price, it's because I've already done the research on the products and services and the price hasn't been made publicly available. Making me work to find out what something costs is a turnoff. The internet allows us to be more informed shoppers, so it's likely sales people won't need to explain the products or services to justify the price.

    I'd advise qualifying the buyers' knowledge of the product or service so that you don't insult their intelligence making them sit through a sales pitch before honoring their request for the price.

  2. I’m a new seller ! And don’t have that much of experience with selling ,, but this dude helped A LOT I’m doing pretty well now ,, we’ll it depends 🀣

  3. Well that sounds to be harder in some businesses
    I'm a jewelry salesman and my customers usually choose something in the showcase and ask it's price first and asking them about their needs makes them confused since they've already made their choice

  4. people are required for remote work.
    – The work schedule is free.
    – Payments every week, to the card/account.
    – Work of advertising informative character. Not sales.
    – The presence of a computer / phone and a stable Internet connection.
    – Desire to learn and apply this knowledge in practice. Teamwork.
    Internet experience is preferred but not required.
    For more information write to pm.

  5. At the end of the call, when they ask the price, I always recap all of the benefits they stated they want to receive, the impact of achieving these things to their image and credibility and then softly mention the dollar amount investment required all the while focusing on the emotional benefits. VALUE vs. investment required = sale.

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