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  1. Has anyone heard about PiloTrades…? It provides an AI driven platform with buy and sell indicators on a across stocks. The cost is a one time license of $1400 with use through perpetuity. However they do not provide a trial period or a way to test it, which is a bit suspect.

  2. If you take into account most of the stock market is controlled by highly fine-tuned algorithms anyway; it's about time we all got a leg up.

    Go and view the top stocks and you'll see that they tend to follow the same trend – that's not because anybody is buying or selling at the same time, it's because the worlds biggest hedge funds with the fingers in the most pies – have the same algorithms trading every stock.

    In today's unbelievably manipulated market, I'm glad we are getting a chance to take back some of the pie.

  3. I just had the idea to use ChatGPT for stock trading. But a quick googling revealed that I was late to the party. As usual. πŸ˜‚

  4. your selling two of the worst strategies, which is day trading and believing you can predict the market with a robot, markets are random and even the best hedge funds are wrong 90 percent of the time

  5. Lovely video and a nice showcase of what this AI can do. I was looking mesmerized at the screen while the bot was writing the code. Thank you for sharing!

  6. So what's that $100000 clickbait as it sounds you made 100000$ qith this strategy which is c*** and time waste for people.imagine total time wasted telling some B.S.

  7. I think if you take your time with AI bot for about 12 months you could get the best profits. πŸ‘Œ I love what you are doing. I want to invest in you and profit.

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