Chat GPT Coding – Make A Profitable Trading Strategy In Five Minutes!

Make a profitable trading strategy in five minutes with Chat GPT coding! Many traders find coding a profitable strategy difficult, …


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  2. Things that computers have been GREAT at since their inception – maths
    Things that computers have been BAD at since their inception – AI

    Ironically the first time we get actual good AI in a computer, a computer suddenly loses its maths ability.

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  4. I threw this at chatgpt and was shocked it spit out anything at all… a) 200-bar EMA as trend filter, b) use a s/t 6- 9 day ema crosses confirmed by c) Stoc RSI. Exit long when b and c are both in sell mode.

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  7. Thanks for the tutorial. I tried to copy the code generated by the ChartGPT and paste it on my tradingview pine editor, I don't know why the code couldn't paste on it. I pressed the paste button, but the code didn't appear on the pine editor. Do you know why?

  8. @Cracking Crypto Why is it that if I type exactly what you type my code always comes out different? for instance mine always start with strategy()etc etc.

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  10. My english is not so good, so i struggle a lot or better to say very rare I able to catch a foreigner, but your accents and the way of talking is excellent and i able to follow you word by word. Thaks a lot, thanks a lot once again.

  11. HI Thank you for this wonderful video. I have a question. Is it possible to execute trades intrabar (within the candle). What i am asking is usually things are evaluated and executed only at the end of the candle (only after the candle ends. Is that possible to do this in pinescript. And can chatgpt do that kind too? THanks

  12. Really great content, thank you for the video. I think I need to hire you to write my code and Algo strategy lol as you are 10/10 on what to. Great video

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