Cathie Wood React To FTX Collapse And What They Are Buying Now!

Cathie Wood React To FTX Collapse And What They Are Buying Now! Retire With A Crypto IRA/401k …


  1. The most important thing that should be on everyone mind currently should be to invest in different sources of income that doesn't depend on the government. Especially with the current economic crisis around the word. This is still a good time to invest in Real estate various stocks, Silver, Gold, various stocks, and digital currencies

  2. 176k shares for a group like Ark and based on recent $8 shares, is not much more than 1-2m. It is a nothing burger in terms of a purchase. Make a video when she purchases $10m or more.

  3. Crypties are actual penny stocks and can never be compared with Apple or any other normal stock company which has products producing profits. Crypties are not backed by any solid asset but only by hypes and fools falling in buying worthless crypties. Wise investors never gamble, these crypties belong to casino

  4. You can call $AM2000X bots but that does not change the fact that the shill is absolutely deserved. Out of all launches we had, talk about ETH, talk about XRP, talk about all these new chains but $AM2000X breaks everything

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