Cathie Wood: Ethereum to $165,000 says ARK Invest! NEW Ethereum Price Prediction (2022)

Cathie Wood: Ethereum to $165000 says ARK Invest! NEW Ethereum Price Prediction (2022) Cathie Wood and the team over at …


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  6. Disgrace. Being used by the scum of the world and everyone knows it.. Saylor and Wood brag it is the only unregulated decentralized uncontrolled currency in the world. The most damning disgusting recommendation for anything I have ever heard. Why don't they say buy your drugs, invest in cartels and pay for Russian bombs with our currency. No-one will ever know and you will pay no tax and how else are you going to launder your drug money. Why is this crap not banned and why are decent human beings having any part of it?

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  8. Why bitcoin / Etherium??? Too risky… Instead buy Shiba inu coins Millions of this amazing coin can bought at a fraction of the cost … It's value against the $ is secondary… because it's utility and popularity will soon overtake and prove the naisayers wrong. I won't be surprised if it takes over all the cryptos including Bitcoin and Etherium because they horribly over valued!!! Shib army will be the winner 🏆

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  10. This is complete and utter dogsh it price target, what about recession ? fmao. On top of that Cathie is just your average bull market genius degenerate who predicted deflation lol.

  11. This $165,000 price target is SIMPLY WRONG. Five Ether tokens (ETH) are allotted to the miners that verify transactions on the network every 12 seconds and it has no limits. So approximately 131.4 million new ethers will be mined. So that's about 251 million ethers in circulating supply. Therefore, the price target would be $79466 per ether

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  13. I find content like this feeds false ideas on what was directly conveyed from the source. At no point did Wood directly convey a price target on any currency. And there are so many direct factors to take into consideration with respect to price prediction.

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