Cathie Wood Bitcoin WARNING!: "A CRASH Is Coming In 2024…" (Time To BUY)

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  1. I really appreciate the dedication in each video you post. Long term investor's know that the market and economy will recover eventually, and investors should be positioned for such a rebound, I gained $180k from bitcoin of 2021. Before the market crash and now am buying again, adding more at a time. Having a good financial advisor like Victoria Wiezorek, it will add to your success in the crypto market

  2. Don’t believe anything people say on youtube . They can post shit to scare your to sell your portfolio off . When everyone start selling . Market dip people like Cathy will buy at cheap price then profit off your sell. They repeatedly doing this. I hold till btc up $100k . I dont trust anyone on YouTube.

  3. Things appear strange right now. The value of the US dollar is declining due to inflation, but it is increasing in comparison to other currencies and commodities such as gold and real estate. People are flocking to the dollar because they believe it is safer. I'm worried that rising inflation will cause my $420,000 in retirement funds to lose value. What else could we do with our money?

  4. I really appreciate the dedication in each video you post. Despite the dip in crypto, I still thank you for the level-headed financial advice. I started crypto investment with $4,345 and since following you for few weeks now, I’ve gotten $18,539 in my portfolio. Thanks so much Aaron Addison .

  5. I feel one Of the greatest challenges that we first timers face in the ma rket is that we end up losing all we have,making it difficult to find ourselves back to our feet. My biggest advice is to always seek the services of a professional just like I did when I ventured into it for the first time. Big thanks to Jasmine Querida. I now make huge profits by weekly through his services while still learning to stand on my own

  6. As we approach the pivotal 2024 Bitcoin halving event, we stand at a crucial crossroads in the world of cryptocurrency. This significant occurrence promises to profoundly affect Bitcoin's market value and ripple across the broad expanse of digital currencies. In this critical phase, the importance of strategic trading acumen and the diversification of investment portfolios cannot be overstated. In the midst of these shifting market dynamics, Amidst this, the insights of a knowledgeable guide like Donna Mikalonis can be crucial. Her expertise in navigating the nuances of cryptocurrency investments could be the key to understanding and making the most of these emerging financial trends….

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