Catching Up to Crypto (Must Read for Crypto Strategy)

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  1. I'm excited to read a book you have to write about crypto but how is a book going to cover what 100 videos can't? Videos can share more info quicker. Makes me more skeptical on how likely it really is on addressing the issue. You definitely recognize an important need in the community and I hope you'll find ways to help those out.

  2. The love of money… The Love Of Money… THE FLIPPING LOVE OF MONEY, is the root of all evil…

    And you just don’t get it… you think you understand… but far from it… you don’t believe in God…

    THE LOVE OF MONEY, IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL… taken from the OLDEST OLDEST BOOK, known to MANKIND… taken from that book… what is it again? Hmm… OH YEAH… The MFing Bible…

    But you’re a man of god, and he wasn’t talking about CRYPT – o… this is NEW… oh yeah… you don’t believe in him, BECAUSE YOUR IN CRYPT… lol… this shit show is about to begin….

    GUESS I WAS WRONG!! You’re not a man of Christ 😬😬😬

  3. Crypto experts, Andreas Antonopoulos, Vitalik Buterin et al, certainly not Bitboy. Easy up fella, self-promotion is no recommendation. Book is a great idea though, great service to the community

  4. I hope that book goes in technical Detail if possible, because sometimes it's necessary to really understand the difference between different systems .

    You could also make a playlist series like coin berue where you make more videos with structure

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