Cascade ordering strategy base on mathematics and statistic

Link to download the code: Quantitative trading strategy: …


  1. This is not a new approach;

    I had this coded in TradingView PineScript and published publicly for a couple of years now, and it was not my idea either.
    It came from Darvax Box theory, by Nicolas Darvas.

  2. 12 percent per month and profit factor 2 is just super. The only negative about this video is that it was only tested for one month. It was necessary to test for a year or more.

  3. Hi Chia, thanks for this video.
    By the way, there are many improvements the code needs to work better.

    The first BIG issue is that the functions to count open orders and to close the orders are not compatible with other EAs running in the same MT4 because you don't check for the magic number of your specific EA.
    So you are going to count and close orders from any other EA or even manually entered orders.
    That's very unpolite and it could be very dangerous when you are going to close loosing orders of other EA. You could burn out your account!
    You should open orders with a unique magic number and manage only those, not other EA's orders.

    The second problem is you never check the opening and closing MT4 standard function result, to be sure the orders are opened and closed correctly. You never check for errors.
    The best case is your EA is not able to open orders. The worst case is you EA is not able to close orders when it should.

    The third problem is in your custom closing function, when the flag to to close all the orders is true, you call 2 times the mt4 standard function on the same ticket, because they are not mutually exclusive, they are not separated by an "else" block….

    One month of backtesting is ridiculous, you have to backtest the EA for 10 years at least, otherwise you are just fooling yourself…and us…😂

  4. Wow, 100 thou strat, most normal people barely have $100 to trade! this means a good solid strategy must be able to make consistent profits with as little drawdown and risk of terminal loss as possible, surely the graphs look beautiful, but who's got that kind of cash? no one who actually has 100 thou would probably wanna throw that in the market this way. With me I don't go above $1000 for any strat, and all my strats actually must be able to handle $10, yep ten bucks, and use that to grow the account. That is a sure fire method to ensure that the strategy is fireproof and places trades as accurately as programatically possible. Just my thoughts on this topic. Thanks for the video

  5. Really nice in-trade management/optimisation strategy. Quick Question: If your starting trade had a Reward/risk ratio of 5:1 say, instead of 2:1, does that affect the Reward/risk ratio of subsequent trades? in other words, if you had a stop loss of 10 pips and target profit for the first trade of 50pips, would your second trade have a stop loss of 2 pips? or 5pips?

    Either way, thank you!

  6. Thanks for the great video! As we can, all surmise, it is very hard to come up with a new algorithmic trading scheme. Maybe yours is original, as I have not had a chance to look at it in detail. This looks an awful lot like a technique called zone recovery. Note that I think it also goes by a couple of other names as well, probably helps to obscure it from significant attention. Some have likened it to a martingale, strategy, and in some respects it is. However, the difference is that in zone recovery you define a number of levels at which you will simply take your lumps and take the loss. This prevents the potentially exponential explosion of loss as in a real martingale strategy. If anyone has examined it enough to tell for sure whether it is or is not zone recovery, I would love to hear a comment on that. Otherwise, I will be planning to dive into it when I have a chance. Thanks for a great video nonetheless!

  7. Where to get whole code of this strategy from (cant see line 1-50)? I copied it to mt4 editor and cant make it to run. There is lots of errors. I cant include the inputs file to expert. Pls help. Thanks

  8. I remember having a consultation with a trade analyst last August, and it was incredibly insightful. Can’t stress enough how helpful experts in this field are!

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