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  1. LOL, I think the same thing about diabetics. Just drink water. Bad habits are hard to break. Anyway, I don't get the whole artwork scene.

  2. ROFL. Don’t be greedy. Buy your Bitcoin, store it and wait until retirement if you’re willing to wait that long. People shouldn’t be greedy about taxes. Law makers at any moment can decide to take your retirement money and do whatever they want. They can even raise future taxes.

  3. Hi CV – I agree with you – I don’t think these iras are fully regulated – However, Bitcoin IRA does operate in the state of NY. They are partnered with BitGo and they have custody insurance. I assume BitGo has the bit license in NY??? Do you put them in the same category of the others?

  4. Hmmm… I do get the "trilogy" criticism, but from the angle you briefly mentioned towards the end of your analysis. Why spend catalyst funding duplicating project functionality that is already on the blockchain?

    That's a legit concern.

  5. PayPal is doing this with Bitcoin on purpose they wanted everyone to get used two cryptocurrencies that's why they allowed it and then they now are restricting it so they can introduce the central bank digital currency😢😢😢

  6. There’s alway an excuse when ethereum projects gets hacked. The most secure decentralized exchange is a joke. I can’t wait for a crypto reset and the real coins stands alone.

  7. For me it really doesn´t look like being copied. For me this whole discussion is a nothing burger. Lists of transactions on a blank website with a logo in the top left can not really blame others for having stolen their design as there is no real design. Almost each blockchain-explorer lists the transactions like this.

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