Cardano Millionaire Strategy: Investing To Win In Cryptocurrency Markets!

In this video we discuss my strategy to becoming a Cardano Millionaire. We talk about the psychology of investing in crypto and …


  1. watching now cardano at 1.5$…video was shoot at 0.05$ …😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭 😭😭😭😭

  2. I just started buying crypto mostly Cardano beginning of this year, just wanted to say THANK YOU for this video very helpful and i am so ready for Cardano to start taking off!

  3. 10k Holy ….. My strategy is HODL true HODLER, buying 100euros a month for a year (dollar cost average),not a big budget but a true believer ADA will skyrocket. Congrats from EUROPE

  4. Hello thank you for video.. I am a bit confused .. we hodl and stake Ada which I am planning to do in your pool by the way.. but do we sell along the way of this bull run? Sell the lot or do we sell some and keep staking some continue through the next bull market .. sorry just trying to work out what to do ?

  5. Thanks for the enlightenment. But I would like to ask just 2 short questions:

    1. Do you have the idea of the minimum number of coins to stake in ADA?
    2. What is the minimum duration one can stake ADA?

    Thanks for your prompt response in advance.

  6. i am a new subs, i really enjoy the content you create, i am a long term investor, my goal is to take money out of the market as soon as i have enough to quit my day job. i need 60k per year to maintain the same life style, and i need 10 yrs of income to quit my job.

  7. "The purpose of a goal isn't its attainment, but rather in who you become in its pursuit."
    Another brilliant video mate, really got a lot of value from this. I would argue that as most people will have round number for their price targets, it's better to have your own sell targets slightly below it. That's how I've done my exit strategy anyway. To pre-empt the psychological sell off at round numbers.

  8. 90% of my assets is Cardano and 10% Vechain. I live extra broke as a student so I can buy more ADA😅 . Great things wil come! I see big potential in this project.

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