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  2. This video isn't clear but I'll summarize it.

    Macro trend is in UP TREND
    C1 = left-hand candle = IMPULSE candle (draw fib 0% to 100% ie bottom to top in direction of trend continuation)
    C2 = right-hand candle = PULLBACK candle
    C2 "is" expected to break out to upside
    DISCOUNT ZONE (DZ) = 0% to 50% of C1
    EQUILIBRIUM LINE (EL) = 50% of C1
    PREMIUM ZONE (PZ) = 100% to 50% of C1

    Q. when to enter a LONG trade?

    A. We are interested in WHEN to enter trade on C2.

    We are not interested in whether the breakout is strong or weak to upside…

    The best entry is when price is close to EL.
    Typically this a zone… around 50%… called the Golden Pocket (GP = fib 38% to 61%).

    Price pullsback to GP then enter trade LONG.

    The incorrect candle Entry (Left hand example) is saying… it's too early to enter long in the early zone (100% to 75%).

    The correct candle Entry (Right hand example) is better to enter in the GP zone…the example uses 50% (but that's not a hard rule [exact] it's a soft rule[fuzzy approximate])

    Infact the bigger rule is from PREMIUM DISCOUNT theory in SMC concepts.


    That's the real explanation.
    In up trend, enter in pullbull around the Golden Pocket zone of C1 (impulse candle)

    Hope it helps everyone.

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