Canada's Cheapest Crypto Trading Platform Just Got Cheaper! – VirgoCX Review & Tutorial

Earn $30 when you purchase $100. Use my referral link to get started with VirgoCX to get the offer:


  1. Think this video answer my question as canadien, which platform is the cheapest %fee to go from cash to cryptos or cryptos, but with larger amount like 10k$, 25k$, 100k$ you don't want to pay 1.5-2%. Here 0.5% seem not too bad still would love something as cheap as Binance transaction fees

  2. VirgoCX has become my favourite Canadian exchange. They have improved a lot in the last few months. I however didn’t receive the full bonus when I funded my account. I initially made a few deposits of less than $100 each when I wanted to buy. Waited for the bonus and figured I had to make a single deposit of $100, but still didn’t receive a bonus. Never got a response from support on this issue. Still love the platform. May reach out to them again

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