Can we SAVE GPU Mining After Ethereum? | Joined by Daniel Keller Co-Founder of Flux

In today’s video we are joined by Daniel Keller the Co-Founder of Flux to discuss Can we SAVE GPU Mining After Ethereum?


  1. Guys, I'm so happy! With $1,500 invested in CryptoFundsToday products, I'm earning $5 a day! Every day I get $5! That's crazy!!! I'm willing to bet that much, but I'm thinking about a different level of risk… Which portfolio would you recommend I invest in? Is there an expert here, who can tell me?

  2. You wanna make pow less power hungry. Add registry to coins and every register member can have 1 gpu on 1 coin mining and every register miner gets more coins for pow with just 1 gpu than unregister one with 100 gpust or few mining rigs..

  3. Flux is one of my favorite projects, I have rig on it at a loss… paying 0.18kw/h is not easy, but I will do it with a small loss per month… Thank you for your commitment to the community. Regards from Portugal.

  4. So, should we still mine? I personally wouldn't use the term gambling but rather spec mining because I know I could be backing the wrong coin but that's a risk I'm willing to take. I am liking the concept of Flux and the fact that you get paid to run a validation node(s) unlike some of the bigger coins where you can do it but you get no reward (viz, ETH,BTC).

  5. Lots of comments about "profitability" FORGET IT PEOPLE!!! This attitude will shake out the weak hands. Going to be a year, 2 or 3 to get profitability back. imo

  6. As for me I had been and remain bullish on Flux more so now than ever. Seeing Daniel come on the channel to talk about Flux instills even greater confidence with this project. I keep only GPUs that are the most efficient pointed at Flux and solar to shave some of the electricity costs. Hodling and waiting for the next Bull Run.

  7. Mining at a loss though isn't smart. You're paying a premium for the coin. Use the money that you would spend on electricity to purchase the coin instead while things settle. Profitability will return but it may take a while.

  8. But like, if mining was the only way to get coins that's fine, but you can just buy the coins so it's strictly cheaper and better for your GPUs. There it's almost no major profitability difference mining now, vs. When it becomes even slightly profitable.

  9. This is what we love about Flux, Daniel has been talking for 4 mins and I want to put everything on Flux.
    Armeanio had been talking for less than 4 mins a few days ago and I never want to put a single GPU on Ergo ever again.

  10. Hobbyists you are the biggest cancer in our community. Do your part in saving gpu mining and leave. We don’t want you. Your a leach bro that has zero idea what they are talking about. Go back to buying your 470s genius.

  11. I think only miners can improve mining profitability, simply by mining less gash rates. In my humble opinion, if giant miners let’s say these who are mining 100 GH and more bring their mining farms to half the hash rates, then then all miners will double their profits, in fact the giant miners will not only make the same profit at full mining power, but will also cut their electricity cost to half.

  12. Still makes no sense to mine if you can buy coins and get more. That’s the problem everything’s negative now, not even break even. A sensible person would go to an exchange. Deposit some fiat funds, buy the coin you want or one you can swap from. Send it to your mining wallet. You’ll have more at the end of the day.

  13. Mining Flux full time now all my rigs pointed at it 24/7! Hold for future remember folks its not todays worth it's what will it be worth in the future! In Flux we trust don't rely on the government to fund your old age do it yourself!

  14. Bro….it never makes sense to mine at a loss when you can spend the same money you would have spent on electric and hardware depreciation and just buy the coin on an exchange.

  15. Love Flux! Been mining a little over a year. This time is giving me the chance to leave Nicehash behind for Zelcore and Flux! @The Hobbyist Miner have you thought of doing a Zelcore tutorial video? How to find wallets, add bank accounts, etc

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