Buying XRP & Shib (Crypto to buy now?)

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  1. Big Bro! You have the peoples ear. The passive income strategy with blockchain tech is huge. “Staking”a multiple 10k per xrp will produce a strong residual income.

    Please do 10 plus hours of research on Ripple and XRP. Check out Crypto Hulks short form videos. SHIB, DOGE, and XRP/Ripple Only one of them has NDAs signed with Central Banks and big banks around the world.

    Web 3.0 Blockchain tech. What is the real functionality and utility?

    Our people can’t be late to the 4th Industrial Revolution. This generational wealth transfer is here!

    Put in the patient research so that you’ll know how and what to deliver to the people. Your delivery is cold blooded!

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