BUYING and SELLING Bitcoin & Ethereum in 2020?! Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange Review + $10 BTC FREE

Here’s how I am buying and selling my cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum in 2020 as a US Citizen using the Gemini …


  1. Let's say with no experience : If I invest $100 bucks in dodgecoin or gemini dollar would be it worth it knowing risks & everything else since I am not able to invest big in bitcoin & ether since they are rocket high price to me. I hope it made sense of what I am saying. Thanks.

  2. Gemini is really good on this I have it and I'm refalling in love with it being easy. New future money wish I had this when I was 21 I would of been super rich right now. I would of bought YouTube 🤣😂🤣😂 this has to be part of the new world order nesara gesara.

  3. Once you get on the platform how do you insert your entry and exit what tool do you need to do that I am new at this and I’m very much interested I understand it I just don’t know how to execute it

  4. Ethereum has seen some immense strength in the time following its capitulatory plunge towards $1,000 and it's V-shaped recovery has allowed it to gain serious ground against Bitcoin, even posting a massive breakout against the benchmark crypto, although BTC remaining stable is also important, as any intense BTC selloff could create headwinds that hamper ETH’s near-term growth. It appears that investors are moving further along the risk branch as they rotate out of BTC into assets that have yet to see full-fledged price discovery, there’s a strong possibility that Ethereum will lead the altcoin market’s next wave higher as it is doing presently, which may mean that it has further room to rally in the short-term. Thats why most people prefer trading to holding due to its huge returns on trading over hodling. I started trading on crypto assets using strategies and signals from renowned trading expert sebastian bryant, made as much as $500k worth of crypto assets from starting a live account with $70k, that's a major move for an amateur like myself. sebastian tellygram (sebastianbryan) and watspp (+447782861037) provides basic insights needed in understanding trading

  5. Im from NEW YORK and switched from trading stocks to bitcoin. I can't believe the hard time I have had trying to find a good platform with decent tools. I have coin base pro and I think the chart stink. No P&L area and tools are very limited. I could not sign up for Kracken-Binance and many other ones as well that excludes NY OR US. Can't even short. Im glad you made a point to focus on NEW YORK B/C it is a big deal. Please if you know of any other I can try please let me know. Thank you and great video . I subscribed

  6. I have about 1.3 BTC which I hold on the axisoption ,com wallet platform. Axis Option pays me 4% interests monthly in BTC just for holding bitcoins on their platform.

  7. Aw man wish I found your video before making an account for free crypto found out about Gemini after not being able to log into my coinbase account because I didn't keep my old phone number on hand I don't really care it's not like I put money in coinbase so no big loss here.

  8. Gemini has a crazy buy/sell interface. You pick Buy and it moves over and pics sell, you pick sell and it moves over and picks buy. It does just the opposite of what you want. Has Anybody else seen this? I lost a lot of money with this interface. I'm wondering if they have this set up like this on purpose.

  9. Sometime back, I bought bitcoins and invested in 2 major Ponzi companies, Bitconnect & plustoken they turned out to be scam plots obviously. I knew how many bitcoins I had accumulated with these false companies, and I couldn't access them. A mutual acquaintance referred me to Sterling Finance Recovery. I did my research about them and I sent all the information needed of course and followed their instructions. Imagine my relief when I heard back from them that my funds have been recovered. I referred a few people and the result was the same. Kindly reach out to them if you’ve been a victim of any crypto and Financial crime via a simple google search. MOST IMPORTANTLY: They never charge a dime until they’ve successfully recover your funds

  10. Hi VoskCoin, first off your videos are great!!
    I had a question though. I was wondering if there is any good exchange that allows me to buy bitcoin instantly without putting a 7 day hold on it, and that right after purchase will allow me to withdraw the purchased bitcoins from the exchange's bitcoin wallet to another bitcoin wallet on another website.
    I was doing this with but as of about just a week ago they started putting holds on bitcoins for 7 days for those who want to withdraw the bitcoin from their website and deposit it into another bitcoin wallet on a different website.
    also the blockchain website's fees are 20% which is crazy but especially worse now that they place holds on the bitcoins for a week.
    Any advice is greatly appreciated, and Thank You in advance for your help and for these great videos.

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