Buy $300 of Shiba Inu | ClayBro, Kenan Grace. #invest #cryptocurrency #crypto #shiba #shibainu


  1. Golden sparrow GSPV2 is the best legit coin. supply only 132 Billion with 6% bnb reward 1% burning to reduce supply.
    Available on pancake swap.
    it's the next shiba inu.

  2. Timing is everything. How much would you have if you bought $300 in September 2020 instead of 2022 that $300 would now be worth millions of dollars.

    By buying after the party started in September 2022 you lost half of you $ by November 2022 and even if you get lucky and Shiba goes to a $250B market cap that means you would only make $15,000 at the most which isn't bad but it's not a $1M because you didn't buy it when its market cap was very small under $1M

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