Build a Cryptocurrency Portfolio With $1000 (Beginners Tutorial)

Tutorial on how to build a cryptocurrency portfolio with $1000. Starting with which exchanges to use, how to actually build the portfolio, some example portfolios …


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  4. Just got into this yesterday .. wish I had found your video earlier. I opened Binance account and bought in $1000 worth. I bought
    1 Ethererum at $600.00
    2 XRP $ 400.00
    3 BOTCOIN $100

    Is this okay? If not what changes to make and why?
    Just plan to double this over next few months.
    What do I need to be wary of the most?
    What price growth expectations should I have over next 6 months and over next 6 years?

    Big thanks in advance for any kind help.

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  7. I'm about to embark on a new cryptocurrency investing endeavour starting with exactly £1,000, and found this video to be very useful.

    Might I suggest a revision of your definitions of cryptocurrencies by market cap however? I would classify Large caps to be those with >$10bn, mid caps $1bn-$10bn, and small caps <$1bn.

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  15. Hi, thx for the info, very interesting, my money is on Blockfi because of the interest they pay, is that safe ? Is that insured? What’s your view on this ?

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