Budget 2024: FULL ANALYSIS | Best Sectors in Stock Investing & Trading | Best Stocks to Buy Now

Budget 2024: FULL ANALYSIS | Best Sectors in Stock Investing & Trading | Best Stocks to Buy Now This video is on Interim …


  1. namaste dear neeraj. the caption says " Best Stocks to Buy Now". while you have explained the budge crisp and clear which even a layman can understand. have you by chance forgotten to give names of the stock in each sector for viewers to invest. Jai shri Ram 🙏

  2. केन्द्रमे बिगर भाजपा सरकार आएगी क्योकि भाजपाने किसानो की कमर तोडी है सोयाबीन, कपास ,प्याज ,चावल को ठिक भाव नही है, केन्द्र सरकार ने बहोत बडा आयात किया है।

  3. 🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

    00:00 📈 Capex growth in the budget signals potential benefits for infrastructure and manufacturing sectors.
    01:11 💼 No changes in direct or indirect taxes were made, but relief was provided for disputed tax matters.
    01:57 💰 GST collections doubled to 1.66 trillion rupees, with thanks given to taxpayers. Startup tax benefits extended till 2025, and investment in sovereign wealth funds and pension funds made tax-free for the next year.
    02:25Government announced free electricity of 300 units monthly for 1 crore families through solar panels, along with savings up to 15 rupees per unit. Support pledged for EV manufacturing and charging infrastructure to boost the EV ecosystem.
    02:52 🚂 Government announced three major economic railway corridors to reduce traffic congestion and logistics costs.
    03:48 💼 Government extends Ayushman Bharat Yojana for all Asha workers and Anganwadi workers, providing health insurance benefits up to ₹5 lakh.
    04:57 💰 Fiscal deficit target exceeded at 5.8%, improved from the estimated 5.9%, with a revised target of 5.1% for the financial year 2025.
    05:38 💼 Decreasing fiscal deficit benefits the banking sector by reducing government borrowing from banks, potentially increasing liquidity for public loans.
    06:04 📊 Government announces a ₹1 lakh crore loan corpus for the research and development sector, providing interest-free or low-interest loans for up to 50 years to promote research and development.
    06:47 🌾 Government emphasizes adoption of natural farming practices by supporting initiatives like NANO Urea fertilizers, potentially benefiting related stocks in the agriculture sector.
    07:14 🏝️ States, including the special government of Lakshadweep, are offered ₹75,000 crore interest-free loans for 50 years to develop tourism infrastructure, potentially benefiting hotel and online booking-related stocks.
    07:26 ⛏️ Government sets a target of 100 million metric tons of coal gasification and liquefaction by 2030 to reduce coal imports, potentially benefiting companies involved in coal gasification.

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  4. बेरोजगारी महंगाई सबसे ज्यादा 2024
    आर्मी में सहायक पता सबसे यादा. 😡
    बेटी पढ़ाओ बेटी बेटी बचाओ सुरक्षा नहीं है. 😡
    अग्निवीर योजना बॉयकॉट Example MM naravane sir 👈
    Ta army gd 5 साल से नहीं आया कब आएगा realy bharti 👈😡🙏🏻

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