BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 7-05-2019. Video 162

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can …


  1. I got a feeling it may shoot up, way past £6000. We have just had a weekly candle close above the 50 MA. The last bear market candle close above the 50 MA on weekly, BTC continued all the way up through the 100 MA before retracing, (week 2 Nov 15). Funny thing is, when it first closed above the 50 MA (weekly) at that time, the price subsequently went up about 80% within the next two weeks. If that happens again BTC would hit around 10.5/11k.

  2. I am afraid technical analysis only works on Bitcoin when there isn't news too look at. Technical analysis is effective in a narrow time frame one week or lower. It is effective in Forex in the one month time frame when you are trading for wealth. While Fundamentals are good for formulating Entry, Stop and Targets, Fundementals are followed heavily by inexperienced traders which have been driving this market. Lets not forget the advance to 19 K back when was entirely driven by retail buyers. Now we have institutional coming into play, BAKKT, Halving, and tons of positive news coming in. Combine that with FOMO riding on top of moving average ribbons and you have all the makings of the Bull Run.

  3. Still waiting for the volume on the monthly. We must follow through with HUGE VOLUME above 5560 Lol. The only thing that has me a bit concerned is the shorts getting way to high.

  4. The 4hr on bitmex has formed an ascending triangle, which we broke above, and are now bouncing off of as support. You can also see that the current trajectory of the trend started once we started to recover after the tether fud. What do you think, man?

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