BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 25-09-2019. Video 208

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can …


  1. Howdy! I haven't commented on your videos in a while. I just wanted to reiterate to you and your viewers what I've said on your videos many many times in the past and no one is/was listening lol. BTC MUST "OBLITERATE" 20K AND NEVER RETURN OR WE WILL SEE LOWER LOWS. I put obliterate in parenthesis because even if BTC trades to 16k – 24k range "in the short term" (current trading range 7.7k – 8.3k) it had better keep trending up and do not stop until it reaches 100k – 300k. That's the only logical scenario that "must" play out in order to justify the recent "unhealthy" run up (3k – 14k) considering there was no lengthy/sustainable consolidation. At this point the key levels to hold is 4k – 6.3k (if it trades that low). If BTC can't find support at those levels, then I'm sure you know what happens next lol Trade Safe guys :). Napolean Macro Approved

  2. If you were a millionaire/wealthy whatever, and had purchased $10mil worth of bitcoin when it was, lets say, $4k (which essentially it was ranging in between for 3 months – dec2018 – march31st2019), by 26th of June 2019 you would have made an extra 20mil totalling your balance to $30mil, of course you would sell some, "take profit"…
    The price doesn't go up non-stop every single month as the chart/price action demonstrates..Corrections are normal rofl if people can't handle it then BYE..I've seen people calling 2k, 3k, because of this recent drop…

    On the daily chart we are trying to hold in the S1 daily pivot, the 200ma and seems to ALWAYS* consolidate between the 0.618 and the 0.382 fib levels..
    *After every bear market, the price shoots up from the previous bear market (golden cross etc) and dumps/looks for support somewhere close to the 200ma (previous example would be: once around December 2010, once around October 2012, and once around Jan-Feb 2016 which were all the first leg up, up from the previous bear market).
    The real question is, will it actually hold tho? Well, if you're invested in bitcoin you might as well stop worrying or just take your fiat out of it and stay on the sidelines because scared money dont make money !!

  3. bitcoin will hit the .17 Fibonacci retracement level like it does every time before halving. and that happens next year may. So we are looking at a $ 6000 dollar level.before the next bull market starts. big secret. you are not suppsed to know. now you know, History repeats itself sure. i don't know why anyone is panicking right now. you are getting bitcoins at a discount. if you don't believe me, then hodl while i double my bitcoin by shorting it.

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  5. We will have yet to enter the next bull market as long as the moonboys keep saying that BTC is healthy. We're STILL at the complacency stage of the wall street market cycle.

  6. Why are many youtubers saying we are in a selling market now ?
    It sounds like we have real estate agents here, all talking kuk – not intended for your video

  7. You have a lot of chart knowledge for someone your age but still have a lot to learn, keep at it man and stay humble. You said we have broken a 3 month consolidation but have found short term support at 8k and that makes us safe… we just lost the weekly 21 EMA which we have never Done in a bull market previously, still few days to get back above but more then likely won’t, 3 month consolidations arnt solved in a few days, you seen that 2017 comparison of price action on tradingview and decided to share.. the reason we spiked back up so quickly then was because we had a parabolic rise for months due to everyone stacking up on Btc for the BCH fork then it dumped after snapshot, that’s why it recovered quickly : smaller consolidation/news based drop… this is completely different

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