BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 24-05-2019. Video 171

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can …


  1. Bullish readings on the hourly and 4-hour chart indicates a rise past $8,000. So it is correct to say that bitcoin will soon surpass it’s all time high of $18,000 range and then making it difficult for the lot and majority to buy a whole bitcoin. So now to take full advantage of this incoming bull run is to accumulate as much bitcoin now at least 20 btc in your portfolio before the full swing bull run. You can do this by dollar cost averaging which right now is expensive or by trading a small percentage of what you hodl and the hodling the profit. That’s what I do I started trading last month and now I have 12 btc in my portfolio. But a note of caution, do not attempt trading on your own if you are not seasoned or well oriented on it. You can make research on trading chart analysis which is time consuming and will take you long time before becoming a seasoned trader or you can also be smart like me and mirror the signals of an expert trader and by doing so learning directly from such trader. I have used a bunch of signals providers but no one comes close to Gérard Barrientos in terms of accuracy and also ease of implementation in your own trade. You can contact him through (gerardbarrientos6672@gmailcom or on WhatsApp +447427159640)

  2. Thanks Forflies… some youtubers are a bit irritating as they spend way too much time gloating on trades and minor successes. if a trader is sooo good she can easily become a multi-millionaire with 10k USD and leverage. Those sort of great traders never have time to gloat, they spend more time doubling their investments

  3. This present rally has the feel of running out of steam instead of gathering energy for another charge upward. To me it indicates a near term correction, but by the end of the year I call it at $15,000.

  4. I do not even really know what the majority thinks about what to do in the crypto market. I have literally zero formal education in this stuff. I took a macroeconomics class in high school, but nothing in college, despite having two bachelor's degrees. Everything I do when I trade, I either learned by myself or I read about online. I just do what I think makes sense at the moment.

    So far, I have doubled my initial investment of only $3,000 (more than I really should have risked, but it has worked out) in about 4 months of doing this. I'm still learning, so I'm pretty pleased with that amount. I'm not sure if that is a "good" amount or not, considering how fast crypto moves, but that's ridiculous from my perspective. My goal is $10k by my 12th month. If bitcoin takes me further than that, I will be very happy.

  5. Thats why I guess it does a measured move to 7350 to let it be a regular and healthy ABC correction. It bounces off the daily 20 EMA
    Than up to 9500🚀

    I come from old Forex and indices and see bitcoin like a hot fresh naughty chick😁

  6. Hey Sammy, any chance you could make a trading view tutorial video on how to set up the charts and best indicators like yours? Would be super helpful.

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