BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 20-12-2020. Video 432

Market analysis on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the indices markets and commodities + occasionally some others. Tackling …


  1. Thank you, when we narrow the discussion about best cryptocurrency to invest in now, KIN always stands first especially in next year 2021 According to data from Coin Market Cap, KIN is in the top 2 trending tokens in Americas. This event and development of KIN will shape cryptocurrency market next year 2021. Regarding to legal status, KIN was sued by the SEC for allegedly conducting an ICO in 2017 while being a security, which is illegal. However, now the judge has ruled that KIN is not a security and it “should be free to trade on exchanges.” This lawsuit was the reason why KIN has been an underdog in the crypto world, investors stayed away as there was a significant risk of closure of the project. KIN also decided to stop all marketing efforts in order to combat the SEC. However, now that this is resolved, KIN is the only asset besides Ethereum and Bitcoin that is classified as a non-security commodity. KIN now is well-positioned to become most used cryptocurrency in the world. In December 15th 2020, Kin migrated 55mil unique accounts to Solana network and running on Solana blockchain to scale for mass adoption, with high speed transaction of 65k transactions per second, 400mil blocks times, $0.0001 fee. This is the largest move in the history of crypto. Currently, KIN has more than 50 live apps and over 3mil monthly active spenders. KIN is on the road to global mainstream adoption and evolving to become an industry agnostic blockchain technology standard. Let’s move on to bring prosperity together!.

  2. Bonded Finance – I am invested and think that this one is good investments for upcomming altcoin season – as currently price is only 1 cent and for this first year only staking is 50% – and as you know man when altcoin season will start which will build up in second part of next year then all this projects with max 1 billion in supply will cost minimum 1$ as you remember from previous bull runs – only this time I would say these cons will cost much more because of FED money pumping in economies – and reason is simple for these altcoin pumps – when new people come into crypto they buy cheap coins in hope that they will boom then come in next same type of people see that some cheap coin which costed 0.01$ is booming and now costs only 0.1$ then they buy it and boom price up – I clearly remember this happening especially last year when you simply where not able to find coin that has max 1 bill tital suply and costs less than 1$ 🙂 – So I would say for investments now better to look for very cheap coins that has some incentive of users to hold them like – Bonded Finance – like I said as this year that coin gives 50% staking rewards and next year that will be 25% as they will slash it in half – but clearly this coin has incentive for users to hold it and that's why these type of coins to my opinion are the biggest XXXXX gainers and I am already in crypto about 6 years man 🙂 !!!

  3. Your ta is good but you have to look at the fear and greed index it is at 94 that proves we are close to the top their is way to much greed that's when you sell in any market and buy when we are in fear you should know that

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