BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 20-04-2020. Video 303

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can …


  1. With the halving just within a few days, bitcoin is slowly gathering momentum after breaking 7k temporarily and showing positive signs to surge to and above $8,000 and this coupled with the expected effect of the halving indicates that there is no better time to buy and grow a strong portfolio in bitcoin as this year will be history and people will in the future be like, I remember when btc was so cheap at $7k usd. Buy, trade and earn and if you do not have the needed skills, well, you can seek help from a professional signal service like that of James Crown who has been doing a lot in the sphere for beginner and even expert traders. I can attest to his accurate signals and he can be reach on WhatsAap (+31 9700 5034459) or Telrgram (jscrown) for advice and enquiries

  2. Really interesting. I’ve been thinking too many people seem to be waiting on the sides for a better entry – which makes it a crowded trade? I think it depends how many weak hands are left.

  3. I lost so much in Bitcoin trade until I started trading with Martin Williams, he helped me to recover everything I lost within a short period of time and helped me make profit.

  4. The reason people are calling those extreme lows is because they are looking for RSI and MacD bullish divergence on the daily and higher timeframes which means a lower candle close that the big dump on those time frames. To be fair BTC has done that more times than not in the past.

  5. I only use the short term time frames for finding a place to get out or in along with longer time frames. I never use only short time frames, on in tandem with longer ones.

  6. Its not about who is buying and who isnt. Its about who is trading on Phemex, Bybit etc. They have AI bots that move the market in the direction of a high leveraged trade that gets open, either long or short…those bots go after them to liquidate them. Thats what moves the market.

  7. it was an ascending channel from the last move up that broke down. I think looking on short time frames is distracting and a beautiful way to get stopped out and lose money.

  8. Looks like everyone is expecting volatility but nobody is calling for a range. Very interesting. Will need to investigate further but the fact that bitcoin dominance is going down is a good indication that maybe we will trade sideways for a while and the alts will have a mini bull market. Two big thumbs up on this video. Thanks.

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