BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 17-09-2019. Video 207

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can …


  1. I don't understand why these goofs could hear Mic clicking Lol, there's nothing wrong, voice is clear as, you guys obviously just want to hear he's sexy voice, could be gay I assume. You are not even interested in TA lol!

  2. Thanks Sami. Lots of interesting and in depth analysis of this current wedge… Mic clipping but I think you know that? And you sound like you have a bit of a cold? Turmeric and vit c my G 😉

  3. Everyone loves low risk and high reward projects to invest, but in my opinion these projects Credit, Wavesbet, BABB and Evimeria are extremly low risk alomost zero risk and high reward projects to invest don`t miss it out

  4. Drew a secondary resistance line from 29aug 12thsept bounces.
    Yesterday's dump bounced straight off it (16/17th)! Just a thought that there is strong resistance from this level. Valid?

  5. Not worth the money people for anyone thinking of maybe joining, go learn off someone with more market experience and has traded traditional markets before crypto !!!
    Sammi may seem like he is a great trader but in the grand scheme of things there are much more experienced more knowledgeable mentors out there who will be able to get your up to speed and progress you on your quest to become a consistent trader much faster, don't fall into the trap of thinking you need market signals, you don't, you need to learn how to trade for yourself !!

  6. Bitcoin is still in its BEAR market from 20 k.
    This "bull market" is just the B-wave in an A-B-C correction in a bear market.

    Sooner than later, the markets will show that.

  7. Crypto Savy community thinks it is not a triangle but a bull flag that is forming. That is probably a reason why nobody knows how to draw the triangle. 😀

  8. Hey forflies. It sounds like the microphone is clipping. clipping is what happens to audio signals in the digital domain when they peak above 0db it is the same as distortion in the analog domain except it is heard as a click or pop. And it sounds like it its happening when you speak too loud. Are you using a pop shield for the microphone? Also a pre-amp for the microphone would help you a lot.

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