BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 10-11-2020. Video 403

Market analysis on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the indices markets and commodities + occasionally some others. Tackling …


  1. You know nothing more than all other people in this world and the more scary is that you think that news impact the btc ….
    No real analysis ….

  2. I've been waiting for a long time for the pull back. I only have around 15 K in now I'm looking to add another 30 to 45 K. Hope I don't miss out completely. It will suck if it goes straight to 30 and the pull is to 20 K. Oh well guess I can't help it tho

  3. It is not only btc and gold that has seen sell off while Dow and SP500 ripped overall, Tech also sold off. Traders are moving their profits to sectors that are beaten hard by the virus.

  4. i think BTC has a refuge value to it as gold, but I think there's still to much buyers for it to crash…those corporate buyers seems to buy all dips…so as long as those buyers are there, no fear for the price to go down

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