BTC/CRYPTOCURRENCY Trading Analysis Update: 1-04-2020. Video 293

This market trading analysis applies to various exchanges, including Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can …


  1. Bitcoin is up more than 4% and it broke the key $6,500 resistance area against the US Dollar. BTC price is forming a solid bullish trend and it could soon rally towards $7,000 or $7,200 the pair is likely to continue higher, here is another opportunity to buy up some stock of bitcoin now that it's at its lowest like I did last time, under the guidance of David Robers signal, I made a major profit of 3 btc during the last major upwards trend. I hope other experts would be willing to share signals services as Robers, there has being a major leap of traders into the crypto business, and majority of them have little or no experience in trading the bitcoin market, we need more of his type in the crypto market, Robers can be contacted via Telegram @ davidrobers to find out more about how you can start trading.

  2. Y'all waiting for bitcoin to go down in price, This is your chance and as for those of you Holding you can invest too. I invest with pro trader Josephine, This is the best time to trade BTC.

  3. Great one. But the bulls and whales also recognized this and so the counterfighted with a BIG PUMP just tonight of more than 9% started at 9pm CEST. So it's now still an open game.

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