BTC 48 days later, Lightning, TSLA vs BYD and MSFT vs GOOG

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  1. James…bragging about trying to catch the bottom during miner capitulation….. you’ve been saying we won’t go lower 100 times and we’ve gone lower….

  2. Honestly I'm calling it now, when sol pops again there are gonna be alot of ppl who should apologize to James. Not becuase he did something wrong or right. Simply just because you didn't make good decisions and blamed someone else should be more than enough reason to.

  3. Sorry but lightening is not the 800 pound gorilla in payment space right now. That is plain wrong. The incentive for anyone to put up their BTC on LN nodes are close to none(very low yield). As a result you cant move any meaningful sum on LN since liquidity is abysmal. Take an objective look and you will find that other payment solutions like ripplenet, etc are moving much more money than LN. The main issue with LN is not the low volume currently, its design limitation and lack of incentives for people to participate in LN. I can go ono and on about other issues like implementing payment travel rules etc on solutions atop LN, but I will leave it here for you to do more research on this. Love your deep dives on crypto/tesla BTW.

  4. On the BYD versus Tesla conversation, think twice about investing in BYD from an ethical perspective and from a financial-transparency point of view.

  5. Just a little note "Bitcoin is a little slow…but it was not designed to be a payment system.." I'm pretty sure it was…an electronic peer to peer payment system. But we know now, at least I think of it more as a store of value. But yes it was designed to transfer value peer to peer. Maybe not at fast speed is what you were talking about…

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