Break and Retest Trading Strategy (For Beginners)

In today’s video, you’ll discover: 1. The break and retest trading strategy—and why it works 2. The exact trading rules so you can …


  1. entered the trade seeing indecision candle without waiting for strong bullish candle, silly mistake. market is now in range and i am in psychological pain. never doing it again.

  2. Rayner please make a video on how to make forex orders on think or swim web/desktop version 😭 every forex video /class has putting your stop loss and take profit when you take the trade..but yet think or swim calls stop loss and take profit something totally different and they use seperate orders to even close a trade which, for a new trader, is confusing as hell lol. But I wanted to do everything right and have a reputable broker and when I used Mt4, it would not stay connected for me. I got frustrated with mt4 after a year. I need a video on order types for forex. Every think or swim tutorial is all about stock orders and futures . They do not focus on forex. Please please ❤️ 🙏 explain market orders for forex in think or swim web and the desktop version. I don't really use the app

  3. I gotta say… This training is better than training I have got at a reputable professional proprietary trading firm. Love it when you walk us through charts one candle at a time. What I would love to know more about is what broker and platform do you use to trade all these markets? seems like certain brokers only have futures or only have stocks and not options for everything like stocks, crypto, forex. Is it trading view that is executing the trades? or you just using that for charting?

  4. VSTO min21.., Breakout is confirmed by a higher high in price ( ..a breakout high followed by a HH in price) ..if so than drill down to a faster tf and watch out for a trap or failure etc etc. It is a buy Ladys & Gentleman

  5. I know you were focusing on the retest…but from watching all your videos…looking at the first chart you showed…if you were a sniper you would have tried to get in at 1057 due to the inverse triangle b4 the breakout…but if you missed that the retest is a good plan n

  6. Nice video, but I have been trading for over a year now but I just can't make any profits. I have lost a lot of money since I started and I'm on the verge of losing hope and frankly giving up. I see a lot of people making loads of money from trading, why am I any different. Can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong?

  7. Rayner, I have ordered and paid USD 8.00 for a trading ebook. But I have not received it.
    Sorry, I don't know where and how can I send email to you but leave no alternative but trying to clarify this from this comment place.
    Please contact me. Thanks.

  8. Rayner, thanks for your videos they have been a great help for beginners like me. If you could make a video on how to find appropriate stocks/forex to trade and apply the theory would be a great help thanks.

  9. I'm learning stocks trading with your videos while waiting for my CDS account to open. Even I'm new to trading but I really like all of your videos. Your teaching is very clear and somehow I know you are very sincere. I can't wait to trade!

  10. Hi Rayner. I'm Steve. Love your channel. I'm currently learning to trade futures on the MNQ. I would like to know if you think your book would help me in learning to trade the Futures. I would also like to know if you have any other advice to offer me. Thanks so much in advance and keep up the great work. All the best to you.

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