Bollinger Bands and RSI Trading Strategy (Simple and Effective)

In today’s Trading Beacon tutorial, all will be explained about the Bollinger Bands and RSI Trading Strategy. This effective trading …


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  3. In regards to options, what RSI should i look for when looking to buy either puts when the price is outside the upper bollinger band or calls when it's on the lower bollinger? Also what RSI am i looking for when i want to sell/close an option on either side

  4. I love this video dammit! Makes so much sense in a short period of time with visuals. Suits my learning style, but would also like to see a live trade using these theories to get a better understanding of how all your tools can work for someone who wants to day trade, or swing trade.

  5. Price below middle bollinger band

    And RSI below 50 level . Enter on the retest of supply candle .

    Price Above bollinger band middle line and RSI above 50 level buy the demand zone.

    Thank me later.

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