Blockchain in telugu | What is bitcoin cryptocurrency | How to learn | A-Z Full Info Vamsi Bhavani

Watching this video, you can answer these questions- what is blockchain in telugu,what is bitcoin in telugu,what is cryptocurrency …


  1. Wow Anna chala Baga explain chesaru Naku oka chinna help kavali Anna nenu blockchain nerchukundam anukuntunna diniki full stack web dev knowledge undala frontend nerchukunte saripotunda pls reply anna

  2. Block chain

    Advantages —

    1. Distributed public ledger
    2. Transactions transparency ( transactions can be seen by any one)
    3. Decentralised ( not controlled by a single party or group like f***king bank or governments)
    4. With block chain ,, corruption would be wiped out


    1. Mmmm ,,,I think disadvantages for banks and government

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