BlackRock Lowers Bitcoin ETF Fees 🚨 Cathie Slashes Prices Again!

As the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) nears its decision on the approval of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds …


  1. In the Fox News interview Jamie says " the Bitcoin use cases " Trafficking , Avoidance , Anti Money Laundering ! " so if the use case is " anti money laundering " does that not mean that Bitcoin is Pro anti money laundering and used against money laundering ? .

  2. Us retail investors don’t have enough information. What’s the tax is going to be on this walk us through it or we’re not buying shit for us there’s no value in this either come late to the game because we don’t know how to buy bitcoin on our own, so we really don’t give a shit and you need our money to make it go, which is why they’re doing 0%, because without retail money, she ain’t going nowhere

  3. Once Dimon starts praising BTC, you are already too late in the game…
    The fact that they are competing by lowering fees is an indicator that they are expecting huge inflows and all of them want to lock in these liquidity. The next few weeks gonna be nuts!

  4. Just like I said. Etf approved only to trade derivatives on so the elite can pump and dump through options. You should be embarrassed for not understanding this. Huge rug pull coming. You thought price would skyrocket and your advice got many liquidated.

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  6. GBTC is making a mistake by keeping their fees so high. If they had gone to something reasonable, such as 0.9% or 0.8%, a lot of people may have stuck around. As it is, they are showing their distain for their investors. When the discount closes, there is going to be a mass exodus.

  7. how can you say that bitcoin isn't worth anything but shares of JPMorgan are worth anything? Shares of JPMorgan are only worth anything as long as someone is willing to buy them from you. You can't build anything with shares of JPMorgan. You can't make a necklace out of JPMorgan shares. The only thing you can do with shares of JPMorgan is hold them or sell them.

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