Bitcoin Trading Tutorial 3 – Order Book – Bids and Asks

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  11. I wish I can meet hackerbettis on telegram live, he's given me a testimony I will always live up to by generating 5btc for me which got everyone around me surprised

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  15. Bitcoin will go higher, above 13k. The best thing to do now is to trade what we are holding in our wallet. People forget that in July 2017 Bitcoin dropped 20% in less than 10 days. At the end of August 2017 it again dropped 30% before going Parabolic! I think that we are really going to be shocked in the very very near future when we see how little good crypto is actually available. This bull run will show us the true amount and value of these coins. Get your ducks in order before it's too late. The window of opportunity is closing very very quickly. As for me, Otis Perry helps me trade and so far my crypto portfolio has been on a steady increase. He can be reached on Telegrm @ Perrysignals or Whatsapp: +16624830231

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