Bitcoin Trading The Break! September 2019 Price Prediction, News & Trade Analysis

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  1. Bitcoin has experienced huge price dumps lately and the price is estimated to drop more. It has experienced drops from the $7,500 resistance down to $6,500 and currently trying to hold the $7,200 resistance but it’s projected to still go down low as $6,500 again. For me I advise investors to always accumulate and multiply their portfolio through trading because that’s the only way to stay profitable regardless of any market price. I am currently trading under the guidance of Allan Shaw a well-seasoned and expert trader, with his signals being implemented in my trades I have grown my portfolio to 10 BTC from just 3 BTC in just 3 weeks. I trade, accumulate, and hold my profits while waiting on the imminent bull run Allan could be reached on WhatsApp {+48 732121976} or Telegram {@Allanshaw} for any crypto related inquiries.

  2. ⚠️ ! Please be aware of scammers impersonating Krown ! ⚠️
    The real Krown has no signals channel and will never ask you for money, or to trade your account.
    Comments with links, phone numbers, whatsapp, telegram or e-mail addresses are not to be trusted.
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  3. I'd love a video on your thoughts going into an options trade. You speak about "closing" positions early, but Deribit doesn't allow that move. Are you purchasing the opposite side of the original position? Or are you creating a bear call position or bull put if you originally purchased a naked position? If you already provide this insight in your trading packages, I apologize for the request. I'll need to review your packages for clarification. Thanks.

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