Bitcoin Trading & Technical Analysis (November 16th, 2020)

This video reviews the bitcoin market and discusses the most recent bitcoin trading action. Using Technical Analysis, we perform …


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  2. Institutional investors opting for Bitcoin over gold could cause the price to double in 2021, according to Bloomberg while Analysts at the firm expect Bitcoin to hit $50K as the flow of institutional funds into crypto continues, driven by unconventional monetary policies designed to counter the corona-virus-induced slowdown. After making the highest monthly close ever in November, BTC has closed the first week of December even higher, breaking a new record and setting the stage for another upswing. Now that Bitcoin has tested resistance at $9.5K three times, the wall of sell orders is likely to have been gradually eaten away, making it more possible that Bitcoin could soon breakthrough and follow Wall St. indices to hit new highs and the truth is that the volatility associated with bitcoin is what makes it so profitable especially when you trade with a good strategy and accurate signals. Burwell Coleman is an expert & prominent trader who’s helping investors and newbies accumulate more bitcoin through his accurate trading signals, with his trade signal I went from having 2.3btc to 5.9btc in just 6 weeks. By adopting Burwell's trade signals I came to the realization that trading bitcoin is lucrative and profitable and you can reach him on Gmail:(burwellcolemanfinance@gmailcom) and Tele gram (burwellcoleman).

  3. Bitcoin and Ethereum are rarely compared beyond when discussing market structures and price trends, with their underlying fundamental values being wildly different. While Bitcoin is seen as a store of value and a “digital gold,” Ethereum is widely thought to be more of an ecosystem backbone. The gap between the two cryptocurrencies in terms of underlying similarities may begin shrinking in the near-term, however, as one early Ethereum investor, who is a purported “whale,” is noting that two changes to the ETH network could soon make it a “better digital gold than BTC.” Any trend the asset decides to follow or any conspiracy theory involving the recent price action of bitcoin the only way to remain safe in the crypto space is to trade and stay profitable always, that's why I employ the services of expert traders and one of such is Ethan McKenzie. I subbed fully to his trade signal services after having made 6 btc in my first two weeks of copying them and since then I have been on a row, I just want to award other investors this opportunity and also use this medium to tell investors to carry out their own due diligence before making any investment decision meanwhile Ethan can be reached on Telegram (ethanmckenzie) and WhatsApp (+44 7723 042647) for any crypto related inquiries.

  4. You can earn more money and get good trading results without making the trading prediction and decision yourself. A good Account manager who is familiar with the pros am coins of Bitcoin mining Trade can minimise the risk with correct prediction of products

  5. Thanks Dan, I'm hot on that 12 hour BTC time frame now, thanks for the tip. Great weekend, had "a" plan of continued stop loss adjustments but the 12 hour like you said gives you just that better view. Love the Turkeys, we had some plain turkeys in the paddocks. I mean I wouldn't quite call this place the outback plains or anything remotely similar is why we were all bewildered, the bush turkeys however, duckin and weavin through forrage is quite funny to watch, amazingly elusive those creatures. Blessed by nature we are the world over.

  6. You realize that this whole BTC move up is caused by Tether printing millions everyday right? If this bull run was organic you would see Google trends for Buy Bitcoin real high right? Well guess what, Bitcoin search trends are not showing that. I could give more examples but I won't bother. Good luck riding this scam of a market.

  7. Investment is key to achieving stable income and secure the future, investing in cryptocurrenc is one of the most profitable business around with it's uprise trends that has been going on for weeks, honestly this is indeed the right time to invest, have been able to make 3x my initial investment but all thanks to Philip Thompson a wonderful analysis, I strongly believe with bitcoin you can achieve financial stability, reach out via email for more information.

  8. Sometimes YouTube videos regarding Technical analysis and cryptocurrency trading can be difficult to comprehend, it might disrupt your vibration and energy in learning how it works and you might tend to lose your investment funds and that's not the goal as a profitable trader. Cryptocurrency trading is not what you go into without having concrete knowledge of the markets. For you to be profitable a trader, you need more than mere knowledge from YouTube videos, you need to take more approach strategically. I use Mrs. Catherine W. Cahill strategy, her knowledge and experience outweighs mine I have been able to grow in knowledge and also I have been able to increase my portfolio with my initial assets of 1.2 BTC to 7.3 BTC in 3 weeks of trading with her, my advice for advance and newbie to the crypto world is to contact her and join the moving train. You can contact her at Telegram @ Catherine_Cahillfx or Via WhatsApp at +1 424-465-3494 if you need assistance. Thank me later

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