Bitcoin Trading Spikes, IOTA Upgrade, Bitcoin To The Masses & Facebook + Goldman + JPMorgan Coin

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  1. As Bitcoin hit 2020’s ATH at nearly $15,700, open interest on top derivatives exchanges like CME and Bakkt went up. On CME, where top institutions trade, the open interest increased by 16% to $933 Million

    Based on data from Skew, open interest has climbed up, however, trade volume did not increase proportionately. It averaged at nearly $666 Million. Trade volume had hit $1 Billion on CME in the last week of October. Smart money is interested, however, it seems to be indecisive.

    On Bakkt, as Bitcoin’s price went up, the volume of physically settled Bitcoin Futures exceeded cash-settled. The reason may be that margin on cash-settled futures relies heavily on price, volatility, and volume on hand-picked spot exchanges. The current price rally to $15800 may or may not be sustained, likewise the volatility on both spot and derivatives exchanges continues to remain high. So trading at this moment is a priority choice, increased my BTC from 4.5 to 9 BTC in one week due to the education and guidance and follow up from the best vicente sanz, he is reliable and spontaneous and he feed accurate signals, you too can make as much more profit for yourself too , you can reach him on tele Gram @vicentesanz or on WhatsApp (+44 7380 353818)

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  7. Educational and informative video as always 👏👏. Bitcoin extended the recovery and hit over $11,600, at the time of writing , BTC/USD is changing hand at $11,580, with over 3.5% gain since the start of the day. The local support is now created by the upper line of the 1-hour Bollinger Band at $11,500. If the upside momentum is sustained BTC may increase to $12,000. My only advice to newbies and investors is to multiply there holdings and earn more profit with MR PATRICK ROBERT , an Expert , prominent trader who is helping investors and newbies accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading signals . When i reached him i made 4.2btc trading with 0.5btc in 7 days. His signals where effective on my trades and his trading strategies are easy to trade with him. You can reach him on whatsapp+1 (213) 559-3203.

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  10. Bitcoin is the fastest growing cryptocurrency asset all over the world and making profit on Bitcoin Investments has been very easy for me ever since I began utilizing Richard Davis Trading methods on my Bitcoin Investments.

  11. You ve always some accusations when you talk about IOTA, or some "special sounds" while you read any Iota News. The News about Chrysalis was published on the 10th of August, the Reason why it spiked up on the 11th was the News about EDAG / or both combined. The Coordicide will be accomplished next year and a lot of people will completely lose their minds what impact this project will have in the Future.

  12. The cryptocurrency market has made a lot of people very wealthy over the past decade. However, due to the volatile nature of the prices of digital currencies, it is understandable that many people, especially new traders, are hesitant to trade cryptocurrencies. The good news is that now, there are many trading tools, such as trading signals, automated trading software and more, that enable traders to trade Bitcoin and other cryptos. I have been trading with Donald James platform, a pro trader who has helped me accumulate over 4.3 BTC amounting $50,000 for the past 3 weeks with just my starting investment of $1,500 Bitcoin. If you are a trader and you are looking for a legitimate platform to invest your Bitcoin you can contact This is the right time for you to hold and invest in Bitcoin.

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