Bitcoin Trading Introduction to Beginner's Course



  1. Is this the complete beginners course? It goes up to 10 videos. In the first video you mentioned its up to 40 lessons? Is there more somewhere else? Waiting for response, Thanks

  2. I'm glad you have both versions. It beefs everything out for me. Thank you. Do you have any advice for someone who already had a full time job but wants to get into trading? You mention something about having a schedule. But schedule is hard if you are a work at home mum.

  3. Hey CC. As a beginner I was recommended this course by multiple users on the bitcointalk forum and decided that it looked like a well organised and detailed course to help me to learn. I noticed that the comments were overwhelmingly positive so I thought I'd give it a go. I've just finished lesson 4 for targets and wanted to say that I really appreciate the time that you've taken to educate us all.
    I really feel like I am starting to understand the basics of trading. I will be going back over some of the videos including the identifying levels course for a second or third time as I don't feel like I grasped it as well as I could have the first time around but it's genuinely an awesome course to help beginners such as myself wanting to learn how to trade and I'm really looking forward to getting through the remainder of the videos.

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  6. I keep watching and coming back for a refresh of your lessons. maybe in the near future i will take a mentorship from you . thank you for your knowlege and experience

  7. I am watching the course for the second time to squeeze more of it ! Due to this course and the book you recommend later on, I have been (successfully) trading for 4 months now ! Big thanks ! I am a very little donator and I do encourage all those who profit from this very hard work to do even the smalles gesture towards the author ! Share, like, donate ! He gives us so much, perhaps we should give a bit back !

  8. Hey! Found a post on reddit of someone talking about this series. As a beginner myself, is there any prior knowledge needed or recommended before watching these series?

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