BITCOIN TRADING: HOW TO DETERMINE ENTRIES AND EXITS? (MARCH 2021) What’s good guys, in todays video we will look at how to determine entries …


  1. Aren't these trades extremely low risk reward? I assume the entry is at the breakout, whereas the stop loss is below the previous low (retest of 50EMA)? Thats not even a 1:1 Risk-reward ratio. That's a negative RR ratio. Can someone explain to me how this system is profitable unless it has a crazy 90%+ hitrate or something? Or maybe I'm drawing the SL, Entry and TPs wrong.

  2. "did you think i was going to tell you" ? made me chukkle – Keep it real man i want to earn my money no tbe given it otherwise whats the point?

  3. Thanks Tino! Spent the holiday weekend watching the Hybrid System videos and setting up my Tradingview. I can't thank you enough for the informative videos. I feel more confident in reading the charts and making trades. THANK YOU!

  4. Of all the altc0ins, MATIC is the only one that managed to stay above its support level. Even though the dip took a toll on the coin, it didn’t fall below $1.21, tradlng at $1.30. Critical support remained established at $1.04. Bollinger Bands could be observed converging as the negative basis line acted as resistance. This volatility could be seen coming down in the case of MATIC. MACD did not present any clear direction as the negative signal line and the fast-moving line remained aligned in the bearish neutral zone. Squeeze Momentum Indicator changed its status from ‘squeeze release’ to an active squeeze as bearish pressure could be observed coming down at press time. Should there be no immediate volatility, the coin could continue to consolidate itself within the active resistance and support level. People Still continue to trade without the fear of making losses, while others are been patient. It all depends on the method in which you trade and also the source of your s!gnal. I would say tradlng has been going smoothly for me, I started with 3 B'T'C and I have accumulated over 9 B'T'C with the aid of tradlng s!gnals given to me by Expert Bryant Miller. His trade signals are top notch and prof!table, obviously, he's the best and his free-trade courses which can be found on google is a handy tool for any trader. You can reach him on 𝔀ℌ𝒶𝓉𝔰🅰️🅿️🅿️☞ (+1(253)231-7125)or *𝕿ℯℓℯ𝕘𝕣𝓪ℳ☞ (@bryantmillertrade).

  5. I know it may sound silly, but I find it difficult at times to see the patterns. For example, at 1:43 you describe an M pattern but within that pattern you see they have deviations within them so they look a weird shaped M. Might not make sense but would you have any tips? I guess in reality all these patterns don't look exactly to a tee like a M or W.

  6. I was wondering if you generally close your trades at the end of the day or do you let them run while you sleep? Does it depend on price action in the charts for you?.. I personally have a hard time going to sleep when I'm in the positive on a trade not knowing if it will continue in that direction through the night.

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