Bitcoin Trading (Free Course) Lesson 8: Timeframes



  1. Thank you for the amazing content @C0TT0NC4NDYTA! I just got confused towards the end there when you marked levels on the 15 minute chart and then switched to the hourly chart in order to spot your entry and exit of each trade. Shouldn't it be reversed? Shouldn't you mark levels on the hourly and then spot your entries and exits using the 15 min chart? (Feels like you did it all reversed this time…)

    I'm also wondering what you mean by the ratio. The 6:1 ration for example. Is that a 6 to 1 ratio in terms of putting your "take profit" point 6 times higher than your "stop loss" point?

    Thanks a lot man!

  2. I watched the vid on levels 3 times and I thought I had it nailed down but seeing so many levels on screen, it gets confusing. I'll continue pushing forward hoping we learn more about it in the future.

  3. Hey mate, am wondering if when marking swing highs if you include a red candle that has wicked higher than the previous green candle at the end of the swing high. I'm thinking that the last green candle counts as the swing high, could someone clarify by any chance?

  4. 👍👍👍👍👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I'm glad that I found I'm on my 8 course video and definitely 100% am going back several times to understand 100% ur knowledge, I wanted to know if u have a video where u are actually doing examples step by step where we can see exactly how to do to get in and the how to get out I know the basics on when to go in & out but I don't how to are the steps when I'm actually putting my money $ to do my 1st trade do have a examples or a video on that ?

  5. If you want your entry to be on a 5min or 2min candle what timeframes/chart levels should one be looking at and or considering. Is it too quick of an entry? Should I stick with a 15min ? If so why do smaller entry times pose a threat?thank you for time and consideration I hope to hear back from you

  6. The more practice on the charts, the more I understand from your videos. However, even though I've watched this now for the third time, I'm still stuck on one thing – @ 46:50, why is that small blue candle the swing high of that move? Is it in relation to that daily level that is the high of the swing high? Figured it won't hurt to ask before watching the levels video…again. Thank you once again!!

  7. At the time stamp 13.47, how come the swing low is identified as the blue candle instead of the cream one? I have watched the past videos multiple times and still can't get my head around it. If anyone knows it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  8. Great stuff. The best on YT.

    QUESTION: at around 14:48 till 14:58 you're at a SH candle and mark a level at the SL of the candle but not the SH of the candle. I'm just wondering if there was a reason for that, because it looks like a couple candles down the line test the level that would be there.

  9. Thanks man. Great stuff as usual! I have a quick question on the 'type of trader" table. I thought 'entry on' and 'chart levels' on the table should be replaced. For example, for a scalper, your 'chart levels' should be on 15m and 'entry' on the hourly. You talk about it correctly but the table just says the opposite. Is that right or am I just over my head?

  10. Awesome, I understood the confirmation concept really well here. When u described the long position u would take and waiting for that 3 week long entry. Also understood well about how the hourly daily weekly levels all work. If I’m on a 15m, the same strength would not carry over to an hourly, and same for an hourly to a daily or weekly and above.
    A weekly level break would break 1-2 daily levels but it doesn’t mean it will carry momentum to break a monthly.

    Also key to start charting from monthly and work out way down time frames. I always hear to start in the daily and go down so I’ve done it but it makes better sense to start from the biggest.

    Sure it can take more time but it will be far more accurate and help eliminate levels that would have been repeated on a weekly and daily AND monthly would be stronger anyways. My brain is like a sponge so far, I’m open minded and letting go of whatever I have learned since February especially since It hasn’t been giving me consistency and instead taking in this new information. Ur awesome bro 🤙🏼

  11. Is it correct to say that levels and tests of levels are to be respected depending upon time frame of a play? For example a scalper should be looking mostly at much smaller time frames than a swing trader? The question seems to be in identifying properly the relevant data needing assessment.

  12. God Bless you My Brother. my trading is slowly but steadily improving all thanks to you. May god bless your family. I am a beginner trader and couldn't afford any professional classes. All i have learnt was from youtube videos and by far the best video ever. now you are like part of our family as i watch all your videos and my daughter says daddy is watching cotton candy videos. Im from toronto Canada

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