Bitcoin Trading for Beginners

Before you decide to start investing in Bitcoin trading, the basics are necessary. I can be your trader for the next couple of weeks …


  1. have been a believer in the blockchain and the bitcoin and binary options over the years and from experience, I have learned that information about bitcoin comes from three kinds of people, One who knows but would rather suppress the information by publicly criticising bitcoin but privately stacking up on the asset, there is also the truly ignorant who would swallow any information hook, line and sinker and of course, those that are truly devout to bitcoin and making steady progress in updating with information worth knowing. I have been in the last 2 group but with the assistance of Koen Albers whose trades I have been copying for over 3 months now, netting in more than 9 btc in profit already. Learning never ends and I am still doing so with Koen. He can be reached on whatsAap (+44 7828 450768) and telrgram (+447828 450768) email (koentrading321@ Gmail. com). Persistence and commitment and love for success is what you need in the crypto space and we all can

  2. Liteco!n is a cryptocurrency that shares a lot of similarities with Bitco!n. Yet the reputation of the altco!n has been so tarnished, it has long lagged behind the rest of the market after being the once clear leader. Liteco!n is termed digital silver by many and signs are mounting that this could soon reverse, and according to a fractal from past market cycles, time is running out to accumulate liteco!n at such low prices. When talking about precious metals, the conversation might focus on gold but silver is always part of it but in crypto, B!tcoin definitely steals the limelight, but its Ethereum, Chainlink, and an army of DeFi tokens that capture the interest and excitement, while liteco!n mostly sits out. Techn!cals are l!ghting up once aga!n, however, and it appears as though th!ngs are about to change for L!tecoin as it is ready to shine after trad!ng on the sidelines for too long. The crypto market is getting more exciting by the day and the best way to participate in it and stay profitable is through trad!ng. With guidance and trade s!gnals from Burwell Coleman I have grown my portfolio by over 18 btc in just 4 months, Burwell is a Bitcoin evangelist, maximalist, and educator aiding traders stay profitable through his accurate trade calls and his crypto teachings also, he can be reached on Gmå!l (koentrading321@gmailcom) and telegråm (+447828450768) for more inquiries into the crypto sphere.

  3. This morning on the CoinMarketCap portal, B!tcoin’s value went up 5.48 percent to $51,105 early on Tuesday morning. Meanwhile Binance data showed that B!tcoin reached an all-time high of $51,408. B!tcoin stalled short of the $52,000 mark, with its price surging past $51,400. However, on Monday, it slipped to $48,914 in Asian trading hours. B!tcoin's record-breaking rally is said to be driven by a global shift in investor and public attitudes towards crypto assets. I strongly advise us to get involved in day tradìng but to be propérly guided by a pro tràder with a working stratégy. For me it's beén very successful because I was beíng guided by a respectable tràde expert Burwell Coleman, whose strâtegy has proven to be so accurate and well analyzed. Tradìng and growing my portfolio from 0.8btc to 7.2btc within 6 weeks is so awesome and credíble. Don't you think this is the right time to grow the little we hold ahëad of môre bullìshness? He can be reached through Wh@tsApp and telegram (+44 7828 450 768) and Gmâil (koentrading321@gmailcom) for all crypto related inquiries

  4. The reason for having a trading strategy is to eliminate the possibility of you making emotional or irrational decisions. Decisions are made based on careful collection of predetermined parameters that are developed with clear thinking. it also involves careful analysis of these indices to help your decision making. Without this type of strategy, you might not know what works or why. Even if you do, it will be difficult to repeat it. and that is why many lose. Mr. koen taught me everything I know today, he will not only manage your account but also teach you how to read markets and trade successfully if you are interested to make huge profit and trade successfully and you can recover all you lost kindly Email: whatsapp and telegram +44 7828 450 768

  5. Overall, my thinking is if you are looking to increase revenue or cashflow immediately then Bitcoin may not be the answer BUT if you are looking to hold an investment over the long haul this actually may be a good idea for you.
    Currently, I am working with a digital entrepreneurship team called James crypto Group to constantly increase my daily revenue so that I am able to make long term crypto investments that I can hold for years at a time without needing an immediate return

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