Bitcoin Trading: Elliott Wave Analysis

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  2. Thanks Pete, saw this on the member site and helpful as always. The current wave structure today looks corrective, so I am expecting (or thinking 😉 there is another move down to complete. Do you see it that way?

    Always appreciate your videos on the member site. Let us know if you get one out this weekend!

  3. Love your content. But just a bit worried about the wider market – tradional stocks etc, and how that will affect crypto. Been following you channel for a while and I think viewers would like your take on the entire market as a whole. Cheers

  4. What about btc doing an ending diagonal pattern , wave 5 on large scale cycle 10 years and then that we see a last push to touch 75k isch doing tripple divergence on weekly time frame with indicator awsome oscillator

  5. I agree with you. It's likely we are in wave 5 of wave C of wave 4. This wave 5 could get the bottom in 30k. Afterwards big five wave will arises until 160k in 2022 (2,618 extension).

  6. Its really outstanding how spot on you are with your "predictions" (i know its not predictions but rather a good study and application of the EWs) :/
    Well, this is the beginning of the end for the 30k sector. Lets hope we never visit it again. Good work

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