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  1. Steve!! A++++ this is the best video and you helped me make/save a fortune! Thanks to you I was anticipating a sharp pull back from the red line and WATCHING like a HAWK!! Thanks to YOU I had my previous trades all buttoned up and I was ready to buy more and more Bitcoin as it endured a healthy and necessary correction. Thanks to you I had confidence and a plan and knowledge to keep me LEVEL headed and responsible!! I've NEVER felt so calm and collected during a steep correction EVER!!!! And I've never come out of a mean correction with easy profits before!!! No hot chest or huge stress here! Just a big bag of discounted Bitcoin!! Thank you thank you thank you

  2. Steve, this is awesome! Proponent for the well-being and success of all. Yes you are. And I congratulate you in your success presently, with truly sincere hopes for greatest success every step of the way on your jibby jam (journey). Sounds like you’re graduating from high school a little. But you know what I’m sayin, it’s thanks, Steve! Rock on!Yeah, man!

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