BITCOIN: THIS IS NOT A CRASH: CRYPTO TRADING STRATEGIES: APRIL 18 2021 There is a clear difference between a crash …


  1. This is my second time going through watching, and integrating, this system. Can't get enough, man. Truly. I put in my first trade last night, very small amount, and am doing good. When I say "doing good" I mean that I'm not all over the place, based on where my trade is at. But, just fyi, I'm up 68%, and about to close out my position. Thanks a ton, Tino:)

  2. the penny is dropping move price without volume – makes complete sense divergences and negative and positive reversals – the wyckoff supply and demand idea was not gelling for me – it was not explaining stuff I could see happening in the books (I used to watch that of hours). YOu cannot unsee what you start to see, 🙂 I too will be interested with see vectors candles activity along side TDI. Been on my mind this week. My training – biochemist research – pattern reconnection is a strength – but shew this is one beautiful mega skill you guys have and grateful to learn, your platform is awesome and I love the unique graphics BTW

  3. Some humor will make it better, mate
    Also, what do you think about VidiaChange? Found an article about their insurance options and imho it’s worth making a research. When is the greatest moment to purchase LAVIDA?

  4. I need your judgment one more time, man. Found an article about SIN. As I got it, their aim is to provide a smart-contract based job marketplace. Should I take part them?

  5. Most wise investors with crypto uses the opportunity of when there is a drop in the market to buy and day trade with a working strategy and a plan to navigate the market system using the low price in the market to trade daily speculating the increase in price. Get a working plan today for that profit-making. fact is, BTC is the future of crypto and the questions traders ask themselves now is if this is the right time to invest ? Before jumping into a conclusion I think you should take a look at things first,for the past few days the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you can't tell if is going bearish or bullish. while others still continues to trade without fear of losing, others are being patient. For me trading has been going well because I use a day trading system that helps me with signals which have made me to accumulate over 8.5btc in two weeks.get a working strategy with the help of an expert his telegram (@ ) and on wtsap (+447828450768).

  6. Liquidated exactly as predicted wasn't that Much And Also made some back at the Dip. Had stop losses on Eth and Other alt coins. Happy Days. And YES for 3rd weekend. Best Trade is No trade on the weekend Learn it Max! Big THumbs up

  7. A lot of people got hit around 12 night EST… New York time….. BTC assault…. liquidated from margin trades, or when their automatic stop losses were activated to snowball the price down. Can you address how to protect yourself. Thanks for putting it in our head to PROTECT OUR CAPITAL…. Cash is a position 👍💪

  8. I’ve been watching for a while. I was in a long position that was in profit. I left it open saying to myself I’m 10k away from liquidation it ain’t gonna happen. Well I learned a valuable lesson and an expensive one. We live to trade another day. Happy Days

  9. Brother at first i didn't like your analysis but my respect for you has grown alot. You actually know what you are talking about. It helps me understands the market even more better! Thank You

  10. I lost so much money on that drop.. guys LISTEN TO TINO do not trade on weekends. This is key, i feel like they wouldn't do this in the cycle during the week.

  11. Got rekt, i should have watched ur videos earlier. Gonna watch your videos and educate myself more to come back wiser! Thanks for the vid!

  12. Funny how no-one is talking about Coinbase IPO and Walmart now, but they talk about it on the rise

    THIS is when institutions buy Bitcoin, not at the highs

    Thank you Tino 🙏 , time for a "Respect The Cycle" T-Shirt 😄

  13. Tino, thank you for the update, as many are wringing their hands today. I continue to wrap my head around the pattern and cycle and it's helpful. I encourage you to consider fundamentals as you hone your craft in Crypto. It will be an essential part of the "confluence" that plays into the psychology.

  14. Yo Yo Yo Tino…………..i feel i need to congratulate you………..everytime that i hear you now you sound more and morw like a trader, that knows a bit of TA!👏
    From the day you started studying TA at Chart Champions you even sound more confident, well done!👏👏👏 Just be carefull cause i can hear you are starting to just copy Daniels Champions streams, but otherwise, well done!👏👏👏👏

  15. The drop was from a bunch of greedy rich fucks that saw a bunch of longs and shorted them out billions! Don’t long term leverage trade unless you’re stop is way down at 47000. The rich elite that control the markets will liquidate you!!! They don’t have enough money I guess…

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